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I am the author of the 'Digital' series of crime novels with a technological aspect - an accurate, real-world technological aspect! The novels are based largely around Glasgow, but there's an FBI dimension so we visit New York and Boston.


Digital Circumstances is available from the Kindle Store and in a physical print version from Lulu.com.


Digital Investigations is coming out soon...


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I also have a (light-hearted) travel blog at wanderings.brmstewart.co.uk which you may find amusing. Or not. Have a look anyway.

Digital Circumstances


Martin McGregor is in his early forties. He has a lovely and loving partner, and is very well off - not bad for someone who left school with nothing but a passion for programming computers and a close friend who was a genius with hardware. When his holiday in Portugal is interrupted by an enigmatic young blonde woman, Charlene, Martin's lifestyle and safety are put an risk. She wants him to break into someone's computer to steal his money and his information. Martin can hardly refuse: it's more or less how he made his money - he is a cybercriminal, after all. An accidental cybercriminal.


The novel follows the repercussions from Portugal, until Martin finds himself wanted by the Portuguese police, the Scottish police, the Romanian police, and Romanian and Scottish gangsters. Not to mention the FBI, who think he's a major threat.


We also get the story of Martin's early life and how he ended up as an accidental cybercriminal and fraudster. Can he escape a complete downfall, and does he really deserve to?

Digital Investigations


Amanda Pitt is on a Major Investigation Team trying to find the identity of a dead body found by the Forth and Clyde Canal in Maryhill. Martin McGregor stumbles across a credit card skimming operation in one of his clients' businesses. He decides to find out more.


Amanda and Martin find that their investigations are linked, and form an uneasy partnership. What they don't anticipate is their pasts coming back to haunt them.


Meanwhile a washed-up investigative reporter is helping investigate a 'Scottish gangsters in the sun' piece for a Sunday newspaper. He ends up on the trail of Amanda and Martin.


So can they uncover the secrets behind the murder and the credit-card skimming while protecting their own secrets? And what has that bevy of glamorous young women in Rutherglen got to do with anything?

Support independent publishing: Buy this book on Lulu.
Support independent publishing: Buy this book on Lulu.

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