BRM Stewart


I am the author of Digital Circumstances, Digital Investigations, and The Deaths on the Black Rock, crime/tech thrillers set in the present day and featuring DS Amanda Pitt, and computer guy Martin McGregor.

The latest in the series – The CalDat Investigation – is now available from most good online book stores (and probably some dodgy ones too).


For an idea of what these books are about, see 'BOOKS' above.


For my own back story, see 'ABOUT', and for some  insight into my obsession with technology see'COMPUTERS'.


I also have a (light-hearted) travel blog at www.wanderings.brmstewart.co.uk which you may find amusing. Or not. Have a look anyway.


Contact me on brianrmstewart@gmail.com or on Twitter at @brmstewart




DI Grant Cairns investigates a company which is suspected of funnelling dark money to far-right groups and peddling fake news.

Ex-DS Amanda Pitt is obsessing about an impossible police investigation which should be nothing to do with her.

Martin McGregor finds his past catching up with him, andfor him the dark online world becomes a personal fight.

And for Julia Ross MSP, online hate and trolling threatens to put her life in danger.