The first few years of my life were spent in Rutherglen (Lanarkshire, Scotland), Hamilton (Ontario, Canada), Rutherglen (again), and then we moved to Grangemouth (Scotland) where I lived until I headed off to Glasgow University.  I spent a fascinating few years  in Glasgow, met some wonderful people - some of whom I am still in regular contact with, others who have vanished because of a lack of social media in those far-off days.  I also somehow managed to get a degree, and then went to Jordanhill College to become a maths teacher.

I taught in Edinburgh for a couple of years before getting married and moving to the Highlands to live and work, and where my late wife and I brought up our children (she sadly passed away in 2010, and I have since re-married). I studied for an OU degree, and discovered that I really enjoyed maths and was quite good at it. I worked hard and got my honours degree this time.  This was mainly because of the  quality of OU teaching and materials. 

Afterwards, as well as teaching, I worked for the OU part-time as a tutor, the highlight of which was Stirling summer schools.  Latterly I got an MSc with them too - my third degree, and the one I was most proud of. There was also the recent OU short creative writing course which encouraged me and convinced me to write seriously.

Having lived for many years in the Highlands, my wife and I realised we were a long way from my children - and now grandchildren. We made the big decision to move closer to them, and the Dundee area was the best location. We are thoroughly enjoying living here. I am completely retired from education now, and concentrating on writing - and enjoying family life.

I play the guitar, golf and bridge (with differing levels of talent) and enjoy walking, swimming and cycling, and of course books, music, film and theatre - and gadgets.

We seem to be travelling a lot - see my blog for some of that. There's computers too, but that's a different section!